Want to Buy an iPhone?

If you got yourself caught up in the early iPhone frenzy, you have probably already set some money aside in order to fit one into your budget. With all the well-deserved reviews, it is no wonder that you are considering buying one to enjoy its exclusive features as well. Even as it has not been out in the market for very long, it seems as if the iPhone’s functionally has been tried and tested.

Seriously, why are you still thinking about it when you can buy one already? Most likely, you are still deliberating on whether your hard-earned US$499 is worth this new fad or not. To facilitate your decision, consider the following pros and cons of the iPhone in order to know for certain whether it is the handheld for you or not. more…

iPhone Complaints, Problems & Drawbacks

All the chitchat before its release has made the iPhone the center of the tech world’s attention. From the intensified anticipation before its release to magnificent reviews as soon as it was out in the market, the iPhone has become a must-have to those who can afford it and an ambition to those who can’t. Although its reviews proclaim that all the attention towards is iPhone is well-deserved, it actually is still far from perfect.

One of the major complaints regarding the iPhone has to do with the life of its battery. It is said that because of the complicated technical features of this gadget, the battery is easily drained. Many say that the battery used is second-rate and has a long way to go with further development.

Another major complaint is on the data network that it uses. The iPhone operates with AT&T’s Edge which is quite sluggish especially when compared with the present day’s highly developed networks. However, Apple claims that this should not prove to be a major drawback since the iPhone was designed to be notorious in receiving broadband connection through Wi-Fi hotspots. Furthermore, it is said that the iPhone is not open to third-party software developers.


iPhone Features: Revolutionary Phone Sensors

Apple has carefully earned its reputation for sleek gadgets with the most innovative designs. With the launch of the iPhone, Apple has taken this reputation to greater heights. With the hype and all the media mileage that this new gadget has been receiving, it seems as if attention is greatly deserved. Truly, the presence of the new multi-touch technology is enough to get people talking and start dreaming of owning one.

Not to mention the iPhone’s ability to provide the user with unrestricted internet access through its Mac OS X operating system and Safari web browser. However, attention to these features has greatly overpowered another key feature of the iPhone.


iPhone Features, Accessories & Extras!

With all the attention it has received, one can now assume that everyone should know about it or should have heard about it at the very least. The real question now is not what the iPhone is, but what it has and what it is capable of doing.

The most important feature of the iPhone is its revolutionary multi-touch screen. This screen voids the necessity for any mechanical button to appear on this gadget. In its simplest terms, this allows you to use your bare fingers to operate it unlike other smart phones that either sport mechanical keyboards or require the use of a stylus. Just by tapping on the screen with your bare skin, you are able to go through its menus, dial numbers, compose SMS or e-mail messages and use the entire functionality of this gadget. Its 3.5-inch screen displays a virtual keyboard for the purpose of inputting text. more…

The Apple iPhone: Is it Just a Glorified iPod or More?

The whole world anticipated Apple’s comeback in the handheld industry. It was able to build up a great big frenzy throughout the world. Now that is has been released, everyone wants one. But it seems as if only America can benefit from the full features of this must-have. What happens to the people from the rest of the world that have been saving up for an iPhone, anticipating its release? It looks like all they will get is a glorified iPod.

Everyone knows that the Apple has an exclusive contract with Cingular. Those countries that do not have access to Cingular may still purchase the iPhone. However, what is the iPhone without the use of the phone?


iPhone Internet Tips: How to Be Safe with Internet on iPhone

Just weeks after the release of the iPhone, news on its apparent security risks have erupted. This media attention has left current iPhone users both scared and aggravated. Truly, hundreds of thousands of Apple fanatics already have the iPhone at hand. If you are one of those people, don’t let your knees shake as this issue on security risks is not as intense as the media has made it seem.

It shall not be denied that a team of hackers have successfully broken into a portion of the iPhone’s system only within a few days of its release. This team is comprised of security consultants who break into computer systems professionally in order to test the levels of security. It was said that the team’s only incentive to break into the iPhone system was a bet where the wager was the iPhone itself. If the team is successful, each member will receive one from their boss.


iPhone Support: A Look at iPhone’s AppleCare Program

Mac users know how taxing it can be when their Apple products need service without the benefit of warranties. It is not only very expensive to replace parts if needed but also difficult to obtain service. Apple has addressed this concern regarding the iPhone by providing a one-year warranty for hardware repairs and two years for technical support with each purchase. However, since the iPhone is not expected to be one of those smart phone frenzies that will easily be replaced by consumers, Apple now provides an AppleCare Protection Plan designed especially for it.


The iPhone Multi-Touch Screen

As soon as word about the iPhone’s development came out, its most awaited and most anticipated feature was the multi-touch screen display. Noting that it came out with a 3.5-inch screen, one of the largest in the mobile phone history, it is undoubtedly the best feature of this gadget. Unlike its sensors that have been merely developed into the iPhone with a new function, the multi-touch screen is an entirely new development. No other gadget has developed this feature.

This multi-touch screen allows the iPhone users to operate the entire functionality of the gadget using just the fingers. Unlike other touch screens, the iPhone need not be accompanied by a mechanical keyboard or even a stylus. Simply tapping on the screen will allow the user to access menus, dial numbers, and compose SMS or e-mail messages, and so much more. When composing messages, SMS or e-mail alike, the screen displays a virtual keyboard for inputting text.


iPhone Technical Information & Mechanics Explained

We have all heard of the iPhone’s special features. We have seen the sleek design. We know of the multi-touch screen that allows us to access everything with the use of our bare fingers. We are well acquainted with the fact that its automated sensors do not only rotate the display according to the phone’s position. Nor does it only save battery by automatically sensing that the phone is held up to the owner’s ear to make a call and so places the display on standby.

They automatically adjust the display’s brightness according to its visual needs as well. We also know that it runs with Apple’s latest Mac OS X operating system and that it is capable of unrestricted web access through Safari. Yes, we already know all that and that is enough to make us all want one. However, there is so much more to the iPhone than all this. It advances the reputation of any other mobile or smart phone that has preceded it. When you get into the technical specifications of this sensational new gadget, you will understand.


The Cingular iPhone Marriage: How Long Will it Last?

Technology enthusiasts everywhere are eagerly awaiting the release of the Apple iPhone on June 11, 2007. The iPhone will combine a cell phone with an iPod and advanced Internet device for the ultimate in phone technology. The touch screen interface is a new innovation in the world of the cell phone, and will certainly revolutionize the industry as we know it. The latest reports regarding the iPhone are that Cingular will be the company to offer it to the public. But how long will this relationship between iPhone and Cingular last? There are definitely some conflicting reports floating around out there.


Apple iPhone as OS X in Your Pocket!

As soon as Apple fans received word that the iPhone was going to run with the Mac OS X, the hype became even more intensified. For those who do not already know, the Mac OS X is the same operating system found in all of the latest models of Apple computers.

However, some disappointment aroused as soon as the fans realized that the iPhone does not contain the entire functionality of the operating system. Surely, the expectation that this small gadget was going to feature the entirety of the Mac OS X seems a little bit absurd. The full operating system is surely too big to fit the iPhone’s 4GB or 8GB internal memory. What it has is a 500 MB version of the OS X that was specifically developed for the iPhone.


iPhone Release Date and Review

Before its launch on June 19 of this current year, millions and millions of both Apple enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike awaited its release. Much publicity was given to this product that is anticipated to revolutionize the world of handheld mobiles. Although Apple’s goal is merely to sell around ten million units on its first year of release, it was said to have already sold close to three hundred thousand units within its first thirty hours in the market.

What about the iPhone makes it deserve such publicity, you ask? We would be a little bit surprised if you do not already know. You do not have to be a big Apple fan or a gadget freak to appreciate this classy innovation. Whether you are an Apple fanatic, a techno geek, a multimedia player fan, a camera phone enthusiast, or whatever else you may be, the iPhone may be the product for you. Being an all-in-one gadget built with the latest and most innovative technology has made this phone the must-have of the year.


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